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"rock is evil"

People are fucking idiots

Every single person I’ve met in a punk or rock band have been the nicest people I’ve met in my life.

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Siobhan “Mrs. S” Sadler: What do we really know about her?


(Besides the fact that she’s a total badass and hella shady.)

  1. She and her group of birdwatchers have been fighting “injustice” for many years… since before any of the clones were even born. They smuggled weapons and people, protested, and more.
  2. Her group agreed to help Ethan Duncan hide in exchange for information on the project he was working on. (Leda) It’s unclear if he divulged specifics. But they did help him assume his new identity of Peckham.
  3. She didn’t know Sarah was one of the clones until Sarah told her about it. Then when Amelia showed up with that picture of Duncan, she started piecing it together and took Kira because she knew Duncan had powerful people after him, and didn’t want Kira involved.
  4. She is great at gathering information. (Most likely through her chain of birdwatchers and contacts.) Explains how she knew Paul was still in the military and about what happened in Afghanistan.
  5. She installed Paul as a double-agent. Since he was working for Project Castor the entire time, she decided to use him as her inside man. (Not that Paul was aware of clones while he was monitoring Beth, or infiltrating Leda at all. He just did what Castor Topside told him to. But once he was aware, he had to go back eventually. And he got full disclosure and a promotion. Mrs. S saw that opportunity and took it. How she was able to figure it out, we don’t know yet.) This enabled the information/clone exchange between Marian Bowles/Leda and Project Castor.

I think it wasn’t fair that in the dance party at the end of the season, only two of you got to be in it. So i’m calling a dance party right now. [x]

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So here’s the little bonus for the yesterday sketch <3


So here’s the little bonus for the yesterday sketch <3

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Tatiana Maslany on Cophine for After Ellen (7/28/14). (via jaybear1701)

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I think [Cosima and Delphine] are—they’re absolutely in love with each other. They stimulate each other emotionally, physically, mentally, intellectually, everything. And yet the only thing that separates them is the fact they’re on two different sides of the equation. And that grey area is where they exist and I think that’s what’s so exciting about their relationship and sort of relatable. Oh god yeah, there’s hope. Definitely.


THE TEXT POSTS GOING AROUND ABOUT SHAKING UP SDCC OB PANEL QUESTIONS THOUGH, like n o do not ever ask tatiana about soccercop and especially not about propunk, i’m sure she knows and there’s a reason no one mentions it, please…..n e v e r…do this thing….

One thing is to ask about Cophine, since it’s part of the development of the story of Cosima, but don’t you dare to ask about crackships, this should stay between us. Let’s keep it professional friends.

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clone club, I NEED YOUR HELP


is there anyone who can contact thats-oddly-romantic outside of tumblr? there hasn’t been any activity on her blog for the last few hours and if anyone can get in touch with her, or be able to tell me how she’s doing, please please do that right now.

in the meantime, keep sending her encouraging messages!

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